1.   The Chairman opened the meeting at 1545 and welcomed all present.

Members present:

Keith Burchell

Peter Coetzee

Danny Meyer

Paul Semark

Tony Nicholas


2. Apologies.

Phil Wade

Derek Russell

Mary Frylinck

Anna Meyer


 3.      Review – lessons learnt. The Chairman explained that he would like to make a permanent record of that which we had learnt in organizing the past reunion so that others embarking on similar exercises can learn from our experience.

He noted two items that were extremely important to the success of the event were, time and financial planning.

(1)    Time. 

a.       The planning must start well in advance, at least 18 months if not two years before the planned date. This will give those persons who have to come from afar ample time to make their financial and travel arrangements.

b.      Also if there is to be many outside persons and venues involved you must plan well in advance to ensure that that these persons and venues are available at the planned date.

c.       In addition that planning for things changing as time goes by causing the need for time to make alternative arrangements.

(2)    Financial Planning.

a.       There must be a good financial plan and Budget. Especially if there are more than one group of persons involved with any one event or function. Some groups may want to do their own thing.

b.      Supporting the financial plan are the contributions of persons making financial or donations in kind. These donations may be for a specific group or function or general purpose. To keep track of the use of donation funds can be a nightmare if not handled and recorded properly.

c.       The ultimate aim of the financial plan is to ensure that you have sufficient funds to pay for all the functions planned and that the cost per person is not excessive so that they can not afford to attend.  

d.      To ensure a sufficient fund amount- all the cost information must be gathered and continuously monitored so that you can avoid event losses, whilst ensuring that a 10% contingency is also budgeted to provide for emergencies.

e.       In the long run the generosity of the persons giving donations will make the reunion possible and are thus imperative to success of a reunion.

(3)    The general feeling of the committee members was that combining all 51, 61, 71 & 81 year groups made for a lot of extra work but that the large number of reunion goers made for a bigger success. This made it all well worth the effort and we would advise other reunion planners to do the same, i.e. combine their planning with other year groups.

4. Financial Report.

a.       The Chairman tabled the final financial report. A copy of the report was handed to the Chairman of the GBOBA Tony Nicholas for tabling at the GBOBA Committee meeting and the financial accounts were passed to the Treasurer for his records and later Audit purposes.

b.      All excess funds, R10, 907, would be transferred to the GBOBA and would in future be administrated and disbursed under their jurisdiction.

c.       A portion of the funds remaining was to be with held for the use by Paul Semark in compiling a suitable record of the reunion. (It should be noted that the amount budgeted for this purpose was R3000 as decided by the GBOBA committee at their subsequent meeting)

5. 60/61 Event record – Paul Semark.

Paul led the committee in a discussion as to the form that the record should take. i.e. a CD or a soft cover book or a coffee table book. Paul said that he thought that the book should be in the form of the remembrances of the reunion attendees told by a single person interspersed with photos past and present maybe the most interesting form.  He also said the he could find out what such a book would cost to publish.   We would have to gauge the interest for such a book amongst our classmates.

Keith said that he would be putting out a final news letter and he would ask for feedback on the interest for such a book in order to gauge the number of copies liable to be sold.  Paul agreed that he would make up a Budget so that it can be submitted to the GBOBA Committee for approval.


Publication Committee -   Paul suggested that instead of a sub-committee a correspondence group be established which he could consult as and when required. This was agreed and four members of the Reunion committee would become the initial members of the correspondence group.

6.   Website plus establishment of a Face book page.


Danny said that he is busy uploading all the photos he has onto the Website.

It is still very much a work in progress. All are requested to look at what he has done so far and the he would appreciate feed back and comment.

Danny said he would contact Terry Purdon about establishing a face book page so that all interested persons can upload their photos onto such a page.


            7.   Final News Letter

The Chairman said that he would be publishing a news letter in due course.


            8.   Lawhill Bursary.  It was noted that an initiative was launched by a number of Reunion participants, as a direct result of the Reunion visit to Lawhill, which when finalized will result in the establishment of a GBOBA Bursary Fund. Four members of the Reunion Committee, Keith, Peter, Derek and Paul, volunteered their services to this initiative and will become the initial administrators.


            9.     Meeting closed.

The Chairman closed the meeting 1730.

In closing the last Reunion Committee Meeting he thanked the Committee for their sterling work.











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