Chairman:                               Secretary                              Treasurer

Keith Burchell                          Anna Meyer                          Mary Frylinck

+27-11-6167248 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +27-11-6167248      end_of_the_skype_highlighting                      +27 21-930 1455 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +27 21-930 1455      end_of_the_skype_highlighting                    +21 761 7244

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Dear Class Mates and Class Mates Wives and/or Partners,


Well 2011 is nearly upon us and it is only a short three months until the big day when we see each other at the Welcome Reception and your committee has been hard at work finalising arrangements.


The most important recent decision taken by your committee and one that will pay dividends in the end analysis was to institute a early payment process in order to prevent any cash flow problems, or to impinge on the GBOBA Committee’s finances. This has proved very successful and we have had a  great response which will greatly facilitate our event organisation.


In terms of confirmed Reunion Attendance we have had the following confirmed attendance (Numbers include partners) (Figure in brackets represent payments made so far):


1951’s - 8 (0)

1961’s - 54 (51)

1971’s - 14 (8)

1981’s - 13 (0)

Total  =  89 (59)

We as a committee thank all those who have made their payments and encourage all those who have not, to make them as soon as possible. You will agree this is a great response and your committee is determined to respond by ensuring that this event will be thoroughly enjoyed by all. However we would appeal to those who have already confirmed attendance to continue encouraging those who have not committed to attend.


Received so far:

61’s  = R21,035 (Communal events R17,500 – Own Events R3,535)

71’s  = R  1,450 (Reception)

81’s  = R  2,500 (Farewell Lunch)

Total = R24,985

These donations have enabled the committee to substantially reduce the costs of the events scheduled during the Reunion period. In particular to keep the Dinner / Dance costs at a very low price in order to ensure as many other years attend this function as possible.

We still have need for donations as follows to ensure costs are kept to a minimum:

Donations from 71’s towards cost of Welcome party (Wine etc)

Donations from 81’s towards cost of Farewell Lunch ( Wine etc)

Web Site (61’s)


With the help of Robin Fishley and Michele Meyer we hope to get the Web Site completely up to date by the middle of January, and to keep it continually updated from then on, in order that you may monitor the Reunion Committee activities on a daily basis.


Accommodation and Transport


The committee has agreed that it will continue to assist those still seeking accommodation for the Reunion period, either with helping to find accommodation with their Class group or with advice on suitable accommodation.


In terms of Transport the diversified places that attendees are accommodated make it difficult to provide communal transport.  However the committee is happy to handle Ad Hoc requests for transport to particular events i.e. arranging for lifts with other attendees to a particular function or functions etc..


Please contact Paul Semark  on email  or on Cell: 0828577355”



The committee wishes you and yours all a Safe,Peaceful and Happy Christmas and we look forward to a very exciting 2011 and to seeing you all


Keith,Peter, Phil,Paul, Danny & Anna, Dez and Mary,Derek,Tony and Charles.


Attached the latest Event Program 

(As of December 2010)

THURSDAY - 3RD of March 2011  All Welcome

Welcome Cocktail Party – Venue Royal Cape Yacht Club Gallery Restaurant Cape Town

  • 18h00 to 21h00


FRIDAY 4th of March 2011 – NAVCOL Visit Gordon’s Bay - Attended by 51’s & 61’s:

Arrive 13h00

Walk about conducted tour until 15h30 (61’s and 51’s)

Tea for (61’s and 51’s) 15h30

Water activities 61’s

Cocktails and Dinner 61’s 18h00

Overnight 61’s

Breakfast 61’s leave 10h00 Saturday


Please note that due to the need to confirm the numbers & arrangements  by March this year we are not able to include the 51’s after the Tea


71’s and 81’s Own Event TBC


SATURDAY 5th March 2011 -Dinner Dance and AGM at the Silver Tree Restaurant Kirstenbosch– All Welcome

18h00 for 18h30  “Meet and Greet” Cocktails

18h30 to 20h00


Ladies Beauty Demo and Wine tasting

20h00 Collect ladies

20h00- 24h00 Dinner Dance


SUNDAY 6th March 2011 (Organised by GBOBA) All Welcome

  • Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Cenotaph (10H00)

  • Refreshments at the Mission to Seafarers in the Harbour afterwards.


MONDAY 7th March 2011 Outing to Simonstown -Visit Naval Museum and GBOBA exhibits, Vessels and Training Establishments – All Welcome

Meet at Naval Museum Simonstown at 09h00.

Visit Naval Museum/Unveiling of the 61/62 Honors Plague

Visit Naval Vessels

Lunch at the Seven Seas Club in Simonstown

Visit Lawhill and Simons Town School Maritime Studies Section – Tea

Visit SAMTRA Simulator

TUESDAY 8th March Farewell Lunch at Function Hotel School – All Welcome 

11h30 Meet at Maritime Studies and take tour of facilities 

12h30 for 13h00 Lunch at Hotel School


WEDNESDAY (9th March) Bitter Einders Bring & Braai– All Welcome



Venue to TBC


Chairman:                               Secretary                              Treasurer

Keith Burchell                          Anna Meyer                          Mary Frylinck

+27-11-6167248 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +27-11-6167248      end_of_the_skype_highlighting                      +27 21-930 1455 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +27 21-930 1455      end_of_the_skype_highlighting                    +21 761 7244

 +27-83-2824928 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +27-83-2824928      end_of_the_skype_highlighting                     +27-72-7117517 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +27-72-7117517      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Dear 60/61 Class Mates and Class Mates Wives,

Before you read the update of the committee’s progress in organising this event, you should note, that numbers of us have not acceded to previous requests from the committee and are now on the committee defaulters list:!!!

They have not provided the following to the Secretary
1. Up to date personal history  summary since leaving Bothie
2. An ID size photo for inclusion in Personal history list
3. Up to date and full contact information.

You are requested forth with to provide this information to Anna Meyer or when we visit Bothie to report to the duty officer to receive your punishment–you will be required to run??? around the parade ground 10 times!! Hope you can make it!! 
(See Attached list of Defaulters in List of Info Outstanding)

The Re-Union is now confirmed to take place during the period -Thursday March 3rd to Tuesday 8th March 2011 when other important annual G.B. functions (AGM, Lunch and Wreath Laying) are scheduled. We are planning to arrange our special celebrations around them. (See attached draft of events)

Committee Meetings:
A main committee meeting was held on the 07-08-09
A sub committee meeting is scheduled to be held on 15-09-09
The next Main committee meeting is now scheduled for Thursday the 12th November

Other 2011 Reunion Celebrants
The committee has been approached to accommodate other reunions in our overall reunion organisation as follows: The 1959/60’s; the 1961/2’s, the 1971’s and the 1981’s.
After due deliberation the committee felt that as our year and that of 1961/1962 were the last two year courses, that it marked a particularly significant event in the Bothie history and that it should be well celebrated with as many attendees as possible.  However, at least one event, probably the welcome cocktail, will be reserved for only our year classmates and wives to attend.

As it stands the 1959/60’s have decided for logistical reasons to hold theirs in 2010 (A number have already booked flights). We have had confirmation that the 1971’s (40 year reunion) are joining in (Tony Nicholas will be joining the committee) and that the 1981’s (30 Year reunion) are to do the same – Dave Murray has been nominated to be their representative on the committee. We have also an indication that the 1961/62’s. (50 year reunion) are still debating whether or not to join us but it looks unlikely at this stage.

We as a committee have laid down certain provisos in this respect, in order that your committee does not get loaded with all the responsibility and/or cost.

This means that at the next main committee meeting we will have to consider renaming the committee to the 2011 reunion organising committee.

Response from 60/61 Classmates contacted
It is gratifying to report that a substantial amount of very positive response has been received from our classmates and there is tremendous anticipation amongst those with whom we have spoken. Which gives us, as the organising committee, tremendous encouragement to ensure that the reunion is one of the best, if not the best reunion to be held so far? To qoute one enthusiastic response “I look on the event as a ‘once in a lifetime event’ as was “The Bothy”, which gave me  45 years of stimulating work in the merchant shipping industry”

60/61 Donations
It is a tremendous indication of the enthusiasm for this event that we have received a Total of R13, 000 in donations so far and our thanks go out to Phil Wade, Tim Cowley, Alistair Struthers, Brian Carver and Paul Semark for their generosity.

The committee’s original intention with the donations was to give a kick start to the event, cover committee operational costs (minimal) and that any excess funds from the Reunion would be donated to GBOBA, and it is believed that that should still be the case.

However it has been further decided that the overriding principle with regard to the use of these funds will be that they will be used for the benefit of subsidising our years cost of attendance. 

Thus it was decided to use these funds to:

• Subsidise the Welcome cocktail party (For 60/61's),
• Fund the costs of a 60/61 wreathes (2), and consider a contribution to the wreath laying ceremony costs (TBC with OBA) and investigate what donation to make to the costs of the Mission for the tea/ snacks (TBC with Mission),
• Subsidise the transport for 60/61's to and from events and
• Fund the costs of printing a commerative booklet
60/61 Attendance
We only have indication of two possible non starters from overseas. However we are lucky that a large number of our number live in South Africa and particularly in the Cape area, which indicates that we could have an extremely high attendance. Once we have nailed down the events calendar we will be circulating this together with a request to indicate attendance in order to gain an initial estimate of numbers. This will be very crucial to our planning.
60/61 List of contacts made -Status – Missing Members:
This has indeed been extremely successful exercise thanks to committee members, my wife Mary’s Internet surfing and especially Anna’s persistence and many phone calls.

From the original list consisting of forty-eight who commenced the course, forty- five completed the course with three having left during the course.
Six of those who completed the course have passed over the side.
This leaves thirty-nine survivors of which we have failed to locate two (Roelofse and Von Abo) There is a possibility that they too have passed over the side. There are six known widows of whom we have located one.

Web Site ( )
The web site as previously indicated has been established by our nominated webmaster Charles Reid (Ex Bothie). For the moment I will coordinate the input to the site and am still looking for someone (IT Fundi) to help. The current muster lists and full contact lists with photos will be published soon, as will some of the photo’s from our year and from our last reunion.


Proposed Record Document of Reunion-
The proposal to record the reunion event by compiling a document and having it published has been agreed and we will be using a previous year’s model. The committee with Paul Semark as the Editor and Coordinator will be undertaking this project. Thanks Paul

Committee as at the 31st of August 2009 (This does not include the nominees from 61/62’s /71’s or 81’s)

Confirmed Committee and Sub Committee Members:
Chairman: Keith Burchell ( ) –
Overall Organisation/News Letter/ Communication Coordinator

Vice Chairman Phil Wade (
Overall Organisation/ Assist Sub Committee Chairman with Events Coordination

Secretary - Anna Meyer (
Secretary to meetings and contacts list coordinator with Danny to assist when he is at home

Engineer Representative Des Frylinck (
Main and Sub Committee Member –Organiser Tuesday Event at Kirstenbosch

Treasurer- Mary Frylinck

Events Sub Committee Chairman Peter Coetzee ( Committee Member /Chairman of events sub committee/Liaison with GBOBA main committee/ Welcome Cocktail organiser

Events Sub Committee- Anna Wade (
Sub Committee Member – Braai Organiser

Events Sub Committee – Paul Semark –( )
Accommodation and Transport Coordinator/ Reunion Brochure Editor

Events Sub Committee – Derek Russell – ( )

Latest Draft Schedule of events

It should be noted that we will be considering arranging Bus transport to the main events to allow classmates to “enjoy” themselves without having to stress about driving.

THURSDAY - 3RD of March 2009 (60/61’s)
Welcome Cocktails – Venue Granger Bay – Cape Town
It is suggested that other years can have their own 

FRIDAY – 4th of March 2009 – NAVCOL Visit and Stay Over Gordon’s Bay
• Travel to Gordon’s Bay now S.A.Navy College (Navcol).
• Address by the CO in the Main Hall
• Thereafter a walkabout
• Followed by drinks in the Wardroom, Dinner on the Mess Deck,
• Overnight at Navcol with breakfast on Saturday morning. Separate accommodation for Wives within the Base is available. (Please note that in view of the possibility of 61/62’s joining us that Peter Coetzee will have to investigate numbers that can be accommodated and this might have to be accommodated on a “first come first served basis”)

SATURDAY 5th March 2009 – Kelvin Grove Claremont and Waterfront Cape Town
• AGM 11H00 at Kelvin Grove Club in Claremont and lunch with positive interaction with all other Bothy Boys present. Wives are invited
• Dinner at the waterfront (Dependent on response) – Venue TBC

SUNDAY –6th March 2009
• Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Cenotaph (10H00)
.Wreaths to be laid by our Term and also in particular remembrance of the GBOBA Obies lost in the wars with a proposed eulogy to respect our specific Shipmates who are deceased. (We are hoping that the widows of our shipmates that have passed over the side will attend this event in particular)
• Refreshments at the Mission to Seafarers in the Harbour afterwards Followed by interaction with other Bothy Boys present.
• Afternoon Braai – Venue to be decided

MONDAY 7th March – Outing to Simonstown -Visit Naval Museum and GBOBA exhibits, and Naval Vessels
• Meet at Naval Museum Simonstown at 11h00.
• Lunch at the Seven Seas Club in Simonstown
• PM ???Ship visits to new Naval Vessels 
• Evening Farewell Dinner Dance Venue  to be decided

TUESDAY 8th March–
• Breakfast/Brunch at Kirstenbosch Gardens like at the 25th 


June 2009

50th Anniversary.

Reunion: Term 1960/1961.


Dear Ship Mates and Ship Mates Wives, 

It’s amazing how time has flown since our 25th Re-union and we are now soon due to reach another significant milestone. It goes without saying that this moment must be celebrated by another Reunion attended by as many Shipmates and their Wives as possible. We hope to have many more at this one than the highly successful previous one. 

We have set the ball rolling by planning the Reunion to take place during March 2011 when other important annual G.B. functions (AGM, Lunch and Wreath Laying) are scheduled where and when we are planning to arrange our special celebrations around them. The suggested Events schedule is attached below on page 3&4 .Please forward any suggestions with regards to the suggested events schedule that would add value to our Reunion to Peter Coetzee. 

The following willing shipmates/shipmates wives have volunteered their services to help organise this event and have joined the official organising committee:


Committee and Sub Committee:

Chairman: Keith Burchell ( ) - Overall Organisation

Vice Chairman Phil Wade ( - Overall Organisation

Secretary - Anna Meyer ( - Secretary to meetings, Treasurer, and Contact list coordinator

Events Sub Committee Chairman Peter Coetzee ( Committee Member /Chairman of events sub committee/Liaison with GBOBA main committee

Engineer Representative Des Frylinck (  Committee Member

Events Sub Committee- Anna Wade ( Sub Committee Member

Events Sub Committee -Mary Frylinck ( Sub Committee Member 

Any other Local Cape shipmate or shipmates wives willing to help please contact Keith on email above or on telephone as below. We are looking for somebody to look after the money!! and a Transport and Accommodation coordinator


The main objective of this letter is to notify everyone of the intent to hold the Re-Union,  to get a first off idea of how many of us are interested in attending and to get in contact with as many of our shipmates as possible.

Separately Attached is a contact list -Please send your and any shipmates updated contact details you may have without delay to Anna Meyer on email as above or Tel  +27 21 930 1455 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +27 21 930 1455      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

However we are also using the opportunity to get former shipmates in contact with each other and to update personal history so that we all know what has happened to our shipmates over these intervening 50 years. Attached is the present history detail (Muster list) that is held by the Cape Town GBOBA association Chairman Tony Nicholas. We as well as him would indeed appreciate if you all would update that information.


Of course there will be costs attached to the functions described in the schedule of events attached below, but these can only be ascertained once finalization is reached as to the format of our Reunion. Any cost involvement will be communicated to all interested Shipmates as soon as we have an idea in this respect. It is envisaged that we will need up front deposits to enable the process and Phil Wade has started the ball rolling in this regard with a promised donation of R4000. Any other willing contributions will be much appreciated. 

We will also have to take into account accommodation and transport requirements for those who will need them over this period, so a great deal of further preparation and organisation is required.

We intend establishing a Web Site which will have a number of Tabs including Schedule of Events, Updated Contact List, and Photo Gallery – from 60/61, from our last re-union and eventually from the events in 2011, plus personal histories of all our year. So if you any photos from our years at Bothy, or our last re-union please send us either scanned copies, (preferred) or the negatives or the photos themselves. 

We look forward to hearing from you with your contact details even if you are unable to attend. 

With Kind Regards,

Peter, Keith and Phil 

Main Contact details are as follows: 

1.Keith Burchell

(H) 011 616 7248 

(C) 083 282 4928

(F) 086 626 6032



2.Phil Wade



3.Peter Coetzee

(H) 021 712 7982

(C) 082 568 3572



4. Des Frylinck

(H) 021 761 07244


5. Anna Meyer

(H) 021-930 1455




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